As network leaders assess their SD-WAN options, however, what is often missing from their deliberations is how to adequately address security risks. SD-WAN vendors are increasingly embedding security features into their offerings, but these tend to be basic, Layer 3 network controls and not the robust security functions that these environments require. [Read More]
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Update: After further analysis, we found that this bot might attempt to retrieve another module from an FTP server once it is able to connect successfully. We will update you once we have more information. Last week, our FortiGuard Labs Threat Intelligence system was able to capture an attack targeting internet VNC servers. The attack was raised by a new IrcBot, which we are detecting as W32/AGbot.AB!tr. Let’s now dig into the details of this attack. Attack Traffic The targets are not static IPs or domains, but an IP range, and the victim’s... [Read More]
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I was recently made aware of a thread on a competitors forum that asked for "honest" advice on whether they should abandon their current firewall technology and adopt FortiGate firewalls instead. The vendor "X" in question was one that I have previously held a close relationship; so I have unique insight into the relative strengths and weakness of both technologies. For reasons of not wanting my door kicked down by the lawyers of two major networking companies, I held my tongue and didn't engage in the conversation. However, this thread led me to... [Read More]
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_Behind the Firewall is an ongoing series that explores the stories of individuals and organizations in their use of firewall technology. Recently, a user on twitter reached out to us and told us about his home networking story. _ Darin Cowan was a security consultant for nearly 20 years before taking a job as the manager of corporate security at a Canadian financial institution. Darin's experience in the industry has enabled him to build an impressive home network that seconds as a lab for testing and continued consulting purposes. His impressive... [Read More]
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